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”Good Evening. Do you need something?”


       “…I look forward to the day when Americans will cease surprising me. Thank god for the small blessings of manners, however. — Good evening. I don’t suppose there is any need for me to inform you that the activity you are currently engaging in is not only a health hazard, but also a direct violation of the law, is there?

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tangerine - We have a lot in common.


"Given shared genetic material, environmental circumstances, even spacetime…
                                                  …to a degree, I’d say we did a pretty good job not to.”


     Incorrect, and unsurprisingly self-centered. All such attempts were deliberately made on your side, Sherlock. Nonesense, and time wasted. At least in essentials. Did it serve you well? ” 

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[ triggerbond inquired: ] I didn't do anything. Stop watching me, and don't you dare give me any paperwork.


     “… Ah, yes. I am having a delightful day, thank you most kindly for asking. I trust that yours is just as agreeable. I must say, it’s wonderful to see that you never seem to forgo these tokens of good breeding, 007, contrary to the majority of your… coworkers. It makes conversing with you the highlight of my week. Please. Sit. down.

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[ triggerbond inquired: ] mYCROFT HOLMES


     Mr. Bond.

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Busy day at work, is it?

          ❝ Oh no. Please. Spare me the mundane insipidity of smalltalk about our respective daily endeavors. Good lord, is this what we’ve been reduced to? What is it that you want, Sherlock? ❞

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Mr. Holmes, I do hope you’re in line, too.


          ❝…Strange how the current-fashion decency can look so akin to old-fashioned impudence. No, Bond. Of course not. And I would highly appreciate if you would set your sights upon targets other than my P.A. As for the rest - a numbering-system, it seems, would be adequate.❞

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                       Some strange fragment of the woman was tempted to feel amused by the situation. The elder Holmes brother was most definitely trying to find some sort of gateway to her true self, something telling, hiding behind a supposed mask. A crack in her façade, as it were. It seemed as if he didn’t realize there was truly nothing beneath her mask, save for empty air. The role of  Mary Watson  was hers completely, to a point where she no longer considered it a part to play. Most of the time.

                       She wasn’t afraid, looking back at him with an unwavering stare. 
                       She didn’t feel much of anything in regards to this game.

                       Sebastian’s game was a completely different story.

                        Mary, with the ease of meeting a friend for coffee, crossed her knees. “ I’m afraid my reply won’t meet the build up you’ve created, but that’s not really my fault, I suppose. 


                     An owl-like blinking of her eyes. “ I’ve been keeping tabs on him since we had an unfortunate (in my case) meeting in Sweden maybe fifteen years ago. I noticed some unusual lack of activity. However, it was truly your brother who tipped me off. He had a similar run-in with Mr. Moran, as is clear from the scarring on his back he tries to conceal. ” That would surely warrant some attention. “ I suppose it prompted him to do the same and intercept some messages from MI6. He did the hard work for me, you see. 

'Most definitely trying to…' —- -

                     Incorrect, Mary. 

Not, of course, that it truly mattered. Assumptions were, for all intents and purposes, something that Mycroft enjoyed. Collected. Furthered and kept a rigorous eye on, as long as they pertained to others. Assumptions lent themselves to biases and bespoke of true character, revealing both present and the possibile future, all at once. Mycroft held a tight reign on the smile that threatened the corner of his mouth. ( Incorrect, Mary. You hear, but you do not understand. Please forget everything you believe that you may know about my brother; I assure you that it does not, in any way, pertain to me.)

                       I could not possibly care enough to waste the energy on ‘getting to know you’; deducing you; intimidating you; playing with you; cracking your veneer. 

                       It’s all irrelevant to me. 
                              You are irrelevant to me.

                       The only thing that could possibly interest me is — -  - 

Sometimes, Mycroft just likes to amuse himself. Not that many imagined it.
                                (A man with the sense of humour of a rock? Now, now. Assumptions.)

It suited him so well that he merely inclined his head in a silent bid for her to continue, face otherwise motionless, and slowly laced his fingers together atop of the mahogany desk.

Mary, Mary, quite contrary, 
How does your garden grow?

         “ I see.  Bland. Unhurried. Perfectly articulated.

Neither denying nor indulging any line of thought, refusing to guide.

A note of mockery flirted (but did not quite reach) with the purposefully-blunted edge of his voice as he casually threw the words back in her face, and offered her no quarter, no other reaction than a slow blinking that nearly mirrored her own. He had been tempted, for a split-second, to enact the outraged —fine, that is just a tad too much… let us say the… vaguely concerned…— brother, just to gauge her reaction. But the thought slipped away from him easily, leaving him, in the end, looking utterly unfazed. 

The quirk of his brow was, however, sardonic.

           “ And what is it that you expect from me? 

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[ the-governments-daughter inquired: ] ??

[ ?? ] a thought my character has had about yours that they’d never admit.

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[ askanthea inquired: ] ?? ?? ?? ?? Is this greedy? Do I care?
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[ paxepicene inquired: ] ??
#!ic #paxepicene #//snicker snort. #//it's probably the only thing too. #//which makes it funnier. #//Mycroft feels no qualms with abusing Julian straightforwardly. If he feels the need to. #//'HERE LEMME GIVE YOU SOME CON-CRIT' AND ALL. #//We're bros soooo. #//ALSO HI THERE. #Don't be alarmed. It's to do with queues. #!meme
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